With a long experience accumulated in the field of music entertainment and private and business events, we also specialize in sound, lights and video services.

Event Music Planner provides assistance, transport, setting up and disassembling for the preparation of sound system, light system, and video services for our artistic services and/or other artists performances in conferences, weddings, meeting and private or public events outside of our own.

Our audio equipment, lights and video are some of the best brands on the market, purchased specifically to meet the needs of our customers, thanks to the cutting-edge technological solutions and designed specifically for each event.

Our strength is our ability to offer customisized solutions and high performance requests to our clients.

Conferences Audio Service
Live Audio Service
Dj Audio Service
Wireless microphones rental and assistance
Wired microphones and arches
Mixer Audio
Stage Backline
Stages and Platforms

Led systems installation
Led bars
Led Par
Moving heads
Battery Par

Led TV Video installation and assistance
Led Wall
Video Operators
Live Streaming

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