For those who are in love of live music, we offer different services including contagious and infectious live performances that will definitely get people on their feet. You can choose from a single artist, a singer, or whole band…

Choose between Live Bands, Live Lounge Duo/Trio/Quartet or PianoBar Services

The Blenders - Wedding&Event Band

The apple of our eye, resulting from years of experience in music entertainmentThe wedding band has a vast and wide repetoire conisting of classical jazzswing, energetic rock’n roll from the 50’s and 60’s, and of course the greatest pop hits.

The band will start the party, after your lounge Dinner/Lunch time.. with a powerful 50’s-60’s Rock n Roll-beat-twist-Rhythm and Blues-Reggae and Rock/pop Big Tunes live show, to let the Dj keep the party going ( from 70’s/80’s till today ) till the end of it.

Inside our Band package, you will also find Dj service included.

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Live Lounge Duo, Trio or Quartet

For those who want a nice background musicnot overpowering, we suggest our Live Trio or Duo. Enjoy a soft LIVE performance during the expected lounge moments, not forgetting the party we all can’t help to start with the Professional Dj service

Check below our main live lounge Duo/Trios/Quartet

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